Commercial Builders

Educational facilities

We carry out a wide range of projects on our commercial side of the business.

Specialising in refurbishment work in Schools and educational facilities, from cafeterias to toilet blocks to classrooms to major building refurbishments, these all involve a lot of planning to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget we provide our clients with a detailed Schedule of works so they can see the milestone progress on their projects.

We are also very familiar working within heritage overlay requirements.

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We have extensive knowledge in requirements for the building within the medical industry and have carried out numerous refurbishments in Clinics and day surgeries ,these generally have specific electrical and plumbing requirements including the installation of Body Protect Systems throughout all treatment rooms.

Our trades have specific medical compliance certification including the installation of medical gases and HVAC systems.

We can offer design services to ensure full DDA compliance and can also arrange Building permits if required.


Office fit outs

Office fit out works both design and construct are a large part of our business, our large team across all trades gives us the advantage and opportunity to carry these works in a short amount of time, we can design these to meet the specific requirements of our clients needs and can offer the full service including hard and soft furnishings selected from our range.